Tip #633: What’s to love about the Dynamics Data Loader

Although it has been derided by some as a glorified import utility, Scott “Silverlight Terminator” Durow sees tremendous value in the Azure based Dynamics Data Loader for CRM Online (currently in preview).

Scott says:

I love the fact that you can stage the data without the 32MB file limit and then edit in Excel to correct problems. I also love that you can specify older createdon dates

3 thoughts on “Tip #633: What’s to love about the Dynamics Data Loader

  1. Thanks Scott!

    Also, the Data Loader will tell you which record is bad. I tried to upload a CSV file that CRM’s Import rejected with the always informative “Error”. That was it; no other info. Loader said “bad record in line 1959” and it was correct.

    True that it has a ways to go to be perfect but I like what they’ve done so far.


    • Lon,

      CRM import does provide links to the individual failed records and has the ability to export only failed lines (so that you can modify and re-import).


      • Thanks George!

        In this case, I just got “ERROR: An error has occurred. Try this action again. If the problem continues, bang your head against the wall and scream ‘GEORGE, HELP!!!”

        The process never even got into the mapping part so no Failed records or Partial — just ERROR. But, the Data Loader also failed but told me which record was stopping it. I deleted that row, tried the CRM Import function again and it worked as it should.

        Keep up the great CRMTips!


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