Tip #618: Mute power or powerless voice

If you’ve been following our Voice of the Customer videos, you may have been tempted to install the solution and try it for yourself. For those of you using PowerBI to do some cool reporting on your CRM data, a timely word of warning from Jukka “Survivor” Niiranen:

Voice of the Customer breaks PowerBICurrently there’s a known issue with the Voice of the Customer solution that will break the CRM v8.0 OData feeds (the new OData v4 endpoint) if you install it into your environment. If you then try o build a report with Power BI Desktop and want to use CRM Online as the data source, you may run into an error dialog saying “The field ‘regardingobjectid_msdyn_surveyresponse’ already exists in the record.” Microsoft is aware of this bug and is working on a fix, but if you are relying on Power BI for your production CRM Online reporting, then it’s maybe better not to deploy VoC outside of your sandbox environment just yet.

Commercial break from Tipp Jarr

Reading Jukka’s article on conditional questions in VoC, could not help but notice:

My favorite podcast by far is CRM Audio

So there, go to, subscribe, listen.

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