Tip #61: Change Marketing List View Layouts

When you create a marketing list in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the list created will contain the typical fields required for a marketing list, such as name, address, city, state, and postal code. But what if you want to change the fields that appear in the view? What if you use a custom lookup field for Country, rather than the out of the box Address 1: Country field? What if you want to display address 2? The views used by marketing lists can be modified by a System Administrator.

  1. Launch Advanced find and search the View entity.
  2. Search for Name Contains “List Member View.”

Your search results should include at least three views: “Account List Members View,” “Contact List Members View,” and “Leads List Members View.” Keep in mind that a Marketing List may contain members from Accounts, Contacts, and Leads, so each member type has a separate view. If you wish to change the view for all member types, you will need to update each list member view.

Just double click the view from the search results, edit it, save it, and publish changes.



3 thoughts on “Tip #61: Change Marketing List View Layouts

  1. AdamV says:

    Just a note: the list member views are new for CRM 2013. Previously the Marketing Lists always showed the Associated View. The Associated View is typically filtered for Active records, which makes sense in most contexts, but “hides” the fact you may have inactive records in your Marketing Lists. This most often affects Leads that have been qualified / disqualified, but could be Accounts or Contacts too.
    So the new List Members view is not filtered, and you can’t change that. I would recommend including “Status” as a column in these views so you can spot inactive records and probably remove them from the list.
    Depending on how carefully people run reports, having Marketing Lists with loads of inactive records can distort figures. For example: “We got 2 responses from a mailshot to a marketing list of 400. Pretty poor.” Reality: the list only has 25 active Leads, the rest are inactive so the mailshot will not have been sent to 375 of them. 2 out of 25 looks much better, doesn’t it?

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      I don’t believe that they previously used the associated view. Even back in CRM 3 these had their own view. What’s new is what these views were named. See this tip from crm 3 days. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/crm/archive/2008/04/02/customize-marketing-list-list-member-view.aspx

      • AdamV says:

        Your knowledge of CRM 3.0 pre-dates me – I have only been using CRM since 4.0 was released (although pretty early on that curve with a large early adopter project).
        In CRM 2011, Marketing Lists definitely do use the Associated View. The view is labelled as such inside a marketing List, and if you modify the Associated View, then this is reflected in the way they are displayed in the lists (eg add some columns – I just retested this to verify my sanity and aging memory).
        Unless there is some internal jiggery-pokery going on to replicate the Associated View as a hidden List Member view in 2011, it looks as if it uses Associated directly. If it does not, then it at least behaves as if it does, so from a design point of view for doing customisations, you can modify the Assoc View and get the result you wanted.
        Separating this out to a new List Member view in 2013 with a different filter and set of columns seems like a good step to me, as the context is different and especially we don’t want to be held to having inactive records filtered out, so not obvious when they are linked as members of a list.

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