Tip #6: Bring Back Save & New

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has been redesigned to simplify the user interface. As a result, several ribbon buttons were removed from the form. One of the buttons that you may miss is the “Save and New” button, which saves the current record then opens a new blank form. When creating multiple records, this is a very useful timesaver.

You can still use save & new via a keyboard shortcut. CTRL + S will save the record, Alt + S will save and close the record, and CTRL + Shift + S will save the record and open a new blank form.

Once users get familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, they can frequently create records significantly faster than clicking the save button with their mouse.

One thought on “Tip #6: Bring Back Save & New

  1. John says:

    One of my form’s Save button is acting like a Save & New button. Command, Display Rules & Enable Rules seem to be set up correctly (Ribbon Workbench 2013). Has anyone come across this issue before? Thanks.

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