Tip #590: The list has not finished loading

In a recent deployment of CRM 2016 on premises, users started seeing an error message when setting regarding in the CRM Outlook client: The list has not finished opening. Try your request again.


All Binoogle searches found were forum posts saying that it had been fixed in CRM 2011 Update Rollup 10. This made me start wondering if Groundhog Day came a little bit late this year.

The cause of the issue turned out to be internet security software. As is a best practice, we had added CRM internal and external URL’s to the McAffee Internet Security script scanning exclusion list, but McAffee was still interfering with CRM script execution. The answer was to add a trailing slash (/) to the end of the URL’s, and that fixed the issue.

So instead of https://internalcrm.yourdomain.com, use https://internalcrm.yourdomain.com/.

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