Tip #582: Tipster guide to Dynamics CRM Configuration Migration Tool

TGI FridayIn this video we explore how to use the Configuration Migration tool to create schema files that can be used to export CRM data.
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4 thoughts on “Tip #582: Tipster guide to Dynamics CRM Configuration Migration Tool

  1. With the schema file (.xml) you can see the information about the data that you want to export such as the entities, attributes, relationships. You must define uniqueness rules appropriately when you are creating the export data schema and you must import the exported data in a pre-production environment.

    There are the things you need to think about while migrating your configuration data by using this tool.

  2. Sarah says:

    I was wondering what best practice is for moving Solutions from one environment into your production environment. Is this something that most administrators do off hours or do most do this during normal business hours?

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