Tip #530: CRM 2016 is available

Happy new

Earlier today at Convergence EMEA, Jujhar Singh announced general availability of Dynamics CRM 2016. The CRM Tipsters would like to wish everyone in the CRM community a happy new (CRM) year, and we are very excited to finally be able to talk about it.

The temptation for any CRM blogger is to say “hey, look at these shiny new features.” And there is a lot of shiny new goodness in CRM 2016. But the way we CRM is to look at what the features mean to real users. Hopefully we will get at least 250 more tips from this release.

The following are the areas about which we are most excited regarding CRM 2016:

For all users

  • Document generation
  • Documents in mobile
  • Mobile app linking (Export to Excel and generate Word Documents on mobile)
  • Hybrid Exchange server synchronization

For on premises users

  • Goodbye to the CRM 2013 sitemap and form nav bar.
  • Hello CRM for Phones

For CRM Online users

  • Offline mobile
  • Office 365 groups general availability
  • Significantly improved sandbox management
  • CRM App for Outlook (in another year or two we will fondly recall the ‘early’ days of the Outlook CRM Client)

Developers (They are users too. In a sense)

  • Web api (OData v2 is dead deprecated)
  • CORS support (single page apps, here we come)
  • Solution patching
  • New mobile custom controls
  • Web resources and iframes support in mobile
  • Online/on-premises parity (for now)

5 thoughts on “Tip #530: CRM 2016 is available

  1. Per says:

    On prem download-link would be nice 🙂

  2. Per Sørensen says:

    I know this might sound like a stupid question, but where, and when is the on premise installationfiles available ?

  3. Bernard says:

    Also the online trial version is still 2015 Update 1

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