Tip #519: Keep your precious SharePoint on-premises

Most of the people in our small but very proud Dynamics CRM universe are perfectly aware of the very cool integration between Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online. Yes, the one which is required to enable other cool features like OneNote integration unleashed (had to add a cool word for the third link).

As I discovered couple days ago, very few, however, are aware that since CRM Online Update 1 you can integrate with SharePoint on-premises. The dry extract of what you need (besides CRM Online):

  • SharePoint 2013 SP1 (for those of you trying to save a few bucks – Foundation versions are not supported), accessible from internets via https (with the certificate from a public authority, selfies won’t cut it)
  • SharePoint Online license. Yes, at least one.
  • Skillz to operate heavy machinery and PowerShell
  • Administrative privileges in O365, CRM and SharePoint. (That’s the simplest, actual permissions required are slightly less reaching than the full admin)

For more details and step-by-step instructions, go no further than the official administrator’s source of truth – TechNet.

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