Tip #517: Disabled user’s personal views

Sometimes you get the same question from multiple people. This week, it was people asking about what to do with personal views owned by users who are no longer active. Consider if you have personal views shared with multiple people, you disable that user, and now nobody can edit or delete those views. What can be done?

I am aware of three approaches to resolve this. Some more supported than others.

  1. Re-enable the user and either change the password or change the AD user ID to another AD account that is not currently a CRM user, then log in to the account and reassign the personal views. If using CRM online, you can add a CRM license to the disabled user and change the password, then log in. Once you have reassigned the saved views, you can disable the user again.
  2. Try one of the codeplex personal view manager utilities. Like this one. Or this one.
  3. If you are feeling adventurous and wish to venture into unsupported territory, you can edit the personal view records in the user query table of the MSCRM database. Insert disclaimer about this being unsupported, swim at your own risk. Custom views are stored in the userquery table with query type value of 16384.

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