Tip #509: Pumpkin-Spiced CRM

Themes in CRM are a subtle, but nice way of making CRM visually adapt to your Organization.
(Themes are available in CRM Online beginning with the Spring 2015 release – and on premise they are expected in the CRM 2016 release.)

Using the very cool online tool: CRM Theme Generator created by the talented Guido “Han Shot First” Preite , you can test and share your creations before committing.  (Also see Tip #483 for a nice demonstration of how to create/update themes in CRM.)

CRM Theme Generator

A simple thing is to change the title bar color in DEV vs PRODUCTION – I always want a BOLD indicator that I’m working in DEV – And, when you have users in a separate Training environment. – Give it a BOLD and distinct color to ensure that they are less likely to enter production data in training – or vice versa.

It can also add some variety and visual interest – but that’s a boring, corporate-marketing speak way of describing it. – Why not amaze friends and annoy colleagues by adding ‘holiday-themes’!

Here’s a Pumpkin-Spiced-Latte CRM Theme – Let’s just say “I dare you”.

PSL Theme
If you have a great color-combination theme or one that celebrates a holiday, football franchise or a theme that is otherwise visually arresting – share a link to it in the comments.


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