Tip #507: Move Access Team templates in style

Back in Tip 322 (When upgrading, do a dry run), I referenced an issue with Access Teams. The team templates don’t move with customization. So if you use Access Teams in your configuration, when you move your customizations to a new org, the team templates won’t be there, and you will get an error on the form. Even if you manually create team templates in the new organization, it will not work, as the new team templates will not have the same record ID. You have to move the team templates before you import your customization. However, there is no easy way to do that. You cannot add them to your solution, you cannot move them with the import utility, and you cannot move them with the Configuration Migration Utility in the SDK. Unless you have a third party tool, such as KingswaySoft or Scribe, there is no free way to move them.

Until now. Lucas Alexander has recently released a plugin for the XRM Toolbox that is the easiest possible way to move access team templates. Not only will it move the templates, it also give you the option to enable access teams on the entity in the target if they are not already enabled (something that I have forgotten to do many times).

Download the plugin here.

Read more about it and see the pretty pictures on Lucas’ blog.

One thought on “Tip #507: Move Access Team templates in style

  1. Mathiyazhagan says:

    We can write an org service to create an access team templates in the new organization with the same record GUID

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