Tip #502: Who moved my activity


When record ownership is important, use synchronous workflow that impersonates the caller.

The Stop

Dynamics CRM TipperOne of the signs of greatness professionalism is not to be afraid to ask questions, no matter how trivial or silly they might sound. Mitch “Only in Texas” Milam has the microphone:


Activities ownershipHi Folks,

This is such a basic question that I am almost too embarrassed to ask – but not that embarrassed.

I have a workflow that is closing phonecalls and when you look at the activity history, you see my name as the Completed By because I am the owner of the workflow.

Any way around that?

Gustaf “Eat more herring” Westerlund has the floor:

Hmm… synchronous workflows can be set to execute as the user who initiated the event. [speculations about performance removed – t.j.]. Creating a custom workflow activity which closes it with the user of the last modified, might be an option.

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Workflow ownership

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