Tip #479: Don’t track emails from automated sources

So you get the notification from Skype for Business that you have a voicemail. Track it in CRM so that the voicemail will be associated with the person who sent it to you, right?

Not so fast. When you track an email from an automated source, such as voicemail notifications, the network scanner, or other sources where notifications frequently have the same sender, subject, and message text, you can create what I call the Microsoft CRM auto tracking correlation mismatch.

Say I track the email against my friend Shawn’s contact record. The next time a notification email is received, the “smart matching” feature in CRM will see that email, recognize it as a match for the previously tracked message, track it and set the regarding object to Shawn, even if the new message has nothing to do with him.

So unless you want a bunch of mismatched emails, never ever track emails that come from automated sources.

4 thoughts on “Tip #479: Don’t track emails from automated sources

  1. The feature ‘smart matching’ is good to have as it matches the previous tracked message by recognizing it first and then tracks it.

    If you don’t want such a bunch of mismatched emails, you can create this feature for tracking correlation mismatch.

  2. Richard says:

    Hi, Great tip,

    I am new to CRM, so how do you actual configure smart matching to achieve the above?


    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      Charles and Richard,
      Smart Matching is actually the feature that causes the issue referenced in this post. Smart matching matches based on sender, subject, and other factors, and when you have a tracked email from the fax machine or other source where the subject, sender, and format are the same, smart matching causes these messages to get incorrectly matched. The correlation feature introduced in 2013 makes it better than it used to be, but you will see false positives from static sender automated messages that always have the same subject and sender.

      • Derek Hughes says:


        Could an administrator at least somewhat guard against this in any way, at least for any known, internally generated emails (such as the voicemail system’s email) by altering the smart match regex settings in system options.

        I don’t have a system handy to check exactly what that subject line regex does, if it simply allows removal of phrases like Re: and Fw: or allows exclusion of specific emails from matching?

        Wasn’t there also additional options in previous versions of the email router to further tweak smart matching, or are they only those that were migrated to the system settings?

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