Tip #475: Keep CRM form tidy with hidden OneNote sections

After the very detailed OneNote introduction by Pablo “CRMGamified” Peralta, the only features that are left to cover are undocumented or pure bugs. I’m not quite sure which category the discovery belongs to.

As you know by now, sections in OneNote notebook map quite nicely into the list of sections in Dynamics CRM.

OneNote section mapping

However, if we just happened to have OneNote 2013 Desktop Super-Kaboom Edition, with a simple right-mouse click we can create the mighty section groups (most of you will silently admit, as I did, that you had no clue that this feature actually exists in OneNote – you are welcome).

Section groups in OneNote

OneNote section group in OneNote OnlineAnd here is the interesting part – section groups cannot be created but are accessible in OneNote Online but Dynamics CRM turns the blind eye to their existence!

This is what is commonly known as “security by obscurity” and will hide your notes from the CRM screen. Comes to think about it, a very handy feature to archive the sections and keep your CRM page neat and tidy.

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