Tip #474: OneNote in Dynamics CRM for Dummies, Part 3: Annotation Killer?

¡Como estas amigos! Our good friend Pablo “CRMGamified” Peralta with another bunch of tips for dummies the rest of us. If your Español is good, read the original, nothing to see here. Otherwise, read Part 1 then Part 2, and enjoy the rest.

Face to Face: Annotations vs. OneNote Notes

Sometimes it’s useless to compare, but this is not the case :). Let’s see how different native annotations from CRM and OneNote notes are.

Feature Comparison

Feature Annotations OneNote
Store unformatted text
Attach files
Take pictures ×
Record voice notes ×
Manage ToDo list ×
HTML and hyperlinks ×
Handwritten notes and drawings ×
Real-time collaboration ×
Embedded images and printscreens ×
Embedded Excel documents ×
Whiteboard notes × ✓ (Office Lens)
Business card converter × ✓ (Office Lens)
Third-party feed reader × ✓ (IFTTT, Feedly, etc.)
Email to notes converter ×

Other Features

Annotations OneNote Integration
Storage In CRM DB In SharePoint
Security (within CRM) CRM security model CRM security model
Segurity (outside CRM) N/A SharePoint-integrated security model
Entrance Within CRM From CRM or OneNote App
Quick notes Within CRM From CRM or OneNote App
Preview Within CRM Preview by section
Search By title within CRM All content within OneNote
Previous versions No Yes, in each page

I hope you like this and find this new feature and short tutorial useful.
Remember to leave your opinions, experiences and comments below.

4 thoughts on “Tip #474: OneNote in Dynamics CRM for Dummies, Part 3: Annotation Killer?

  1. Avik says:

    Kool article bro,
    shoutout to all the contributors,you are doing super work.

    But then,edit a spelling segurity is security…right

  2. […] users and non-users of Dynamics CRM can see the new features that OneNote brings in addition to annotation, by simply giving them a try. All they need in order […]

  3. Ara says:

    Thanks as always for the fantastic posts. FYI, I integrated SharePoint and OneNote and enabled OneNote for a custom entity on CRM Online 2016. I noticed if I add a hyphen (-) in the entity default NAME field on CRM this causes an error when clicking OneNote in the activity feed: ‘the list item could not be updated because duplicate values were found for one or more fields in the list.’

    The related OneNote notebook was never created on SharePoint. Names without hyphen were created without issue.

    • Ara says:

      Sorry, meant to say the CRM error appears if I add any of these characters / \ * ? ” | : . % in the NAME field in the CRM form as these characters are not permissible in OneNote notebook names (the OneNote notebook name is derived from the CRM NAME field). Names without these characters were created without issue. Hyphens work fine. I added a business rule on the form to prevent use of these characters.

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