Tip #431: Avoid Silverlight when living on the Edge

If you ever wondered whether the move of CRM development team under Scott Guthrie is a good idea, now we have the proof. That’s right, details about the support for the upcoming versions of OS, browser and Office have already emerged.

Some vigilantes, like Jason “Scintillating” Lattimer, have kept their cool heads and pointed out the small print:

I thought I had read Edge won’t support Silverlight. Not a terribly big deal immediately as Windows 10 is supposed to ship with IE 11 as well but thinking long term, people will need to starting thinking about converting any Silverlight to HTML/JS.


While the book and some Silverlight-based tools are still out there, the writing, according to Jim “Mr SDK” Daly, is on the wall in the SDK:

Microsoft Silverlight web resources remain supported in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update for backwards compatibility. For components that will be able to be presented on all clients, we recommend using HTML web resources with HTML5 instead of Silverlight.

TODO: find all those .xap resources and start planning the replacement.

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