Tip #414: If Bing does not show up

Sometimes we all can suffer from a bit of scotoma — inability to see things right in front of your eyes. Today’s tip is from Matt Johnson is a timely reminder. Looks like some default settings in CRM may be subject to change without a notice (and without us noticing).

Bing settingsRecently we provisioned a CRM Online (2015 Update 1) site. After adding Bing maps onto the form they just wouldn’t show up. In fact, if you added them to the form in another section that was already there it made the whole section invisible.

After asking Microsoft what was wrong, they pointed out a (possible new) setting in Settings | Administration | General tab, which is called Enable Bing maps on forms. This was set to No by default. Maybe this tip will help someone else if they come across the same thing?

One thought on “Tip #414: If Bing does not show up

  1. Henrik says:

    You are 90% right, there is a change around this setting in 2015 Update 1, but the setting has always existed. The new thing is that it defaults to “Display” = “No”.

    Funny thing about that map control, did you know that it is covered by your license (free-ish) when using Online, but not when using on-premise (pay-per-request)?

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