Tip #411: The New Dynamics CRM LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn recently released a new Dynamics CRM integration for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This solution allows users to send InMail directly from Dynamics CRM and access company and profile data from CRM accounts, leads, and contacts.

What you need to know

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration for Dynamics CRM requires users to have a Sales Navigator Team membership. This is $1,200/user per year. If your salespeople are Sales Navigator users, you may want to check out the solution. If not all CRM users are Sales Navigator users, I recommend creating a form for Sales Navigator users that contains the LinkedIn tab and hiding or removing it from the non Sales Navigator’s form.

MVP Neil Benson wrote a post on LinkedIn recently about some of the changes to LinkedIn’s free service.

LinkedIn has made an important change to their service. Your searches in LinkedIn are now limited and when you’ve hit the monthly limit, you will no longer be able to search for 2nd or 3rd degree contacts. LinkedIn isn’t specifying what the monthly “commercial use” limit is. I hit 70% of the limit yesterday (15th of the month) and hit the hard limit today (16th of the month) with a couple more searches so I’m guessing the limit is one or two searches per day.

Read the rest of Neil’s post here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-cripples-its-free-service-neil-benson

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