Tip #408: “Value cannot be null” when configuring Outlook Client

Recently we found that users in a specific CRM environment could not configure CRM for Outlook. The error message returned by the configuration wizard was “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: String.”

Client trace showed the following:
>Failed to refresh entry. Exception Microsoft.Crm.Application.SMWrappers.InvalidOrganizationIdException: Invalid OrganizationId "e79c824a-fee4-40cf-9a2f-fb79112be8b6".
   at Microsoft.Crm.Application.SMWrappers.ClientOrganizationContextFactory
.Get(Guid organizationId)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Application.SMWrappers.ClientOrganizationContextFactory
.Microsoft.Crm.IOrganizationContextFactory.GetOrganizationContext(Guid organizationId)

When you have an issue like this, it is most likely related to your customization. Two prime suspects are sitemap and plugins.


You might get an error like this if your sitemap has any duplicate subareas.. Check your sitemap areas–if you see any that have (1) after the title, they are duplicate links, and should be removed. To troubleshoot, remove all duplicate links and retry configuration.


Another customization item that may cause this issue is a plugin, especially a plugin that affects metadata that is downloaded when the client is configured, such as views. For example, I experienced this issue after adding a plugin that hid system views based on security role.

If you enhance your customization and add new plugins, this error may not appear for a while after, especially if you aren’t adding any new users or configuring any new outlook client deployments for a while after you roll out your customizations.

To troubleshoot, make a copy of your organization. Starting with the most recently deployed plugin, remove each plugin, testing configuring the Outlook client after each plugin is unregistered. Through the process of elimination, identify which plugin is causing the issue.

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