Tip #405: Convert Your SQL To FetchXML The Easy Way (or Cai)

Kingswaysoft has recently updated their SQL2Fetch Convertor

Screenshot 2015-06-03 12.15.19

Let’s say you are moving from CRM On premises to CRM Online and you want to update your reports to work with CRM Online, you can take the SQL query from your report, paste it in the SQL box and click the “convert” button to generate FetchXML.

This tool won’t be able to handle the most complex SQL, but it is a big timesaver for normal SQL queries. I also find it very useful when writing a query for CRM Online–I can write the query in T-SQL and convert it to FetchXML.

Daniel Cai has requested feedback on this tool In the Dynamics CRM Facebook group. See the post here.


3 thoughts on “Tip #405: Convert Your SQL To FetchXML The Easy Way (or Cai)

  1. prem prakash says:

    doesn’t work

  2. prem prakash says:

    doesn’t work at all, nothing displayed in the Generated FetchXML box even after 10 minutes of wait. The circle on the tab keeps rotating infinitely.

  3. Vikas says:

    Doesn’t Work

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