Tip #402: My form script changes aren’t working

“I made an update to a form script in Dynamics CRM, but I don’t think it worked–it still acts the way it used to before I made the change. What’s happening?”

What most likely is happening is that your browser is caching the old form script. When you update CRM customization, if you change a form script without updating something on the form (like a field, tab, or section), after publishing, your browser may not recognize that anything has changed with the form, and you will not see the new script actions.

To make the form refresh, you can clear your browser cache or hit ctrl+F5. Alternatively, if you want to force it to refresh for all users, change something on the form, such as rearranging two of the fields.

One thought on “Tip #402: My form script changes aren’t working

  1. Amber says:

    I tried this and had no luck – any other suggestions?

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