Tip #4: The Application Metadata security privilege

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, to use CRM for Tablets, the user’s security role must have the “CRM for Tablets” permission, but there is also another new permission needed to use the tablet apps. On the Customization tab of CRM security roles, there is a new privilege called “Application Metadata.” The user requires read access to application metadata to connect to CRM in CRM for Tablets. For new deployments, the standard roles will have this permission; however, if you are upgrading from CRM 2011 and you use custom roles, your users will not automatically get this permission. You must edit their roles and grant this permission.

There are two privileges required: users need read permission on System Application Metadata and read and write permission on User Application Metadata.

application metadata

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  1. […] This setting is on the Customization tab rather than Core Records, and again, this can only be set to None or User levels. This was introduced in CRM 2013 and plays a similar role to User Entity UI Settings, but for the tablet app rather than the browser or Outlook. Users will need this set to User level if they need to use the mobile client, as well as the special privilege Use CRM for Tablets on the Business Management tab. They would also need to be able to Read the System Application Metadata. This is discussed a little more in CRM Tip of the Day #4: The Application Metadata security privilege. […]

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