Tip #397: Leave support user alone

Dynamics CRM TipperOur little truck seems to be burning lots of rubber in the past few weeks. Latest stop – Dynamics CRM Group on Facebook.

Albert “Chilli Crab” Han, a good friends of ours, awesome CRM trainer and equally awesome host, asks:

I did a retriveMultiple on systemuser entity on my CRM Online trial account, I found a “hidden user” with fullname as “Support User”, I tested a few more instances and they are the same. Anyone have any idea what is the purpose of this user? any implication if I delete it?

After a short argy-bargy about On-premises vs Online and if it’s ethical for a service provider to access your database, Joel “The House Captain” Lindstrøm draws the line:

Support users can’t be deleted. They don’t have access to your data. See https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg328485.aspx

Tipp Jarr’s Double Dipp

Correcting Joel is my favorite thing to do #47. Support users cannot be even disabled yet alone deleted.

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