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Dynamics CRM TipperIs there any CRM question that Adam “I bought the truckstop” Vero does not know the answer to? Apparently not. Another mini truck stop date with Adam.

When Mitch “Only in Texas” Milam asked for a potion:

Anyone have any magic for adding a Contact to multiple marketing lists at once? The Add to Marketing List functionality only allows one selection by default.

It took precisely 25 minutes for Adam to quickly pounce on the opportunity to highjack yet another truck stop:

Add a sub-grid for Marketing Lists to the Contact form.
Use the + (new) button above the subgrid to add a Contact to multiple lists at once.

So, from a view, select 1 or more Contacts to add to a single list (using the “Add to Marketing List” button);
or, open a single Contact and add to one or more lists.

You can’t select multiple Contacts and add to multiple lists at once (without code, custom dialog box, custom button etc).

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