Tip #39: Custom indexes in CRM Online

A little known secret for CRM Online users and a good reminder from . If you’ve added additional search fields to your Quick find or other views, the underlying entity contains a large number of records, and the response time is slow, you might need a custom SQL index added to improve the performance. While administrators of on premises deployments of Dynamics CRM can add SQL indexes as needed, there is no direct access to CRM Online database. The good news is that Microsoft Support can add required database indexes for you. Just open a support ticket and make the request (of course, you’d better do your homework and be sure that the index will solve the issue and not leave database performance unaffected or, worse, slow down your CRM)

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4 thoughts on “Tip #39: Custom indexes in CRM Online

  1. AdamV says:

    In CRM 2013 (online or on-premises) the first 20 fields you add as Find Fields in the Quick Find view for an entity will have non-clustered indexes added for you, and these become part of the reindexing plan run by the built-in maintenance jobs (unless you have stopped the job from running by making the “next run” time way in the future).

  2. Hey Adam, thanks for the comment, that’s really good to know.

    Do you know if it’s a covering index or multiple indexes (one per field)? And how to validate that CRM Online does add those – is it documented anywhere?

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