Tip #336: Choose your name wisely

A common mistake when setting up your on-premises CRM organization is choosing the wrong name. Name not display name.
Organization name vs display name
Frequently when seeing the field to enter the organization name, the novice CRM implementer will think they should enter the name of their company/organization. This is generally a bad idea.

  • The organization name will form part of your URL if you use IFD. This will result in some very long/hard to remember URL’s. https://acmeindustriesofnorthamericalimited.acme.com anyone?
  • The URL may also become redundant. Acme.acme.com is bad, and may be already reserved for other purposes.

So what should you use? Something easy to remember and descriptive of the purpose of the organization. Typically something with “CRM” in it, or whatever you refer to CRM internally as. I like to include “dev,” “test,” “UAT,” etc in non production organizations, then use a combination of the company abbreviation and CRM for production.

Here are some suggested organization names (case is irrelevant, of course, but may help readability especially if you’re trying to convey a secret message):

  • Awesomecrm
  • Doubinski (See if anyone can spell it correctly)
  • Salesforcestinks
  • acme-1969 (numbers and hyphens are allowed)
  • 1 (or just numbers, including those that can be mistaken for ‘l’)
  • 1l1l1O0l1lOO001l1 (with the names like this who needs security)
  • j––ll–––––––m (It’s amazing to see what a user’s mind can substitute mentally for a hyphen)
  • TheWorkingVersionofCRM
  • OurCompanysHighlyConfidentialInformation
  • EdwardSnowdenUsedtoWorkHere
  • Password
  • KatieFromReceptionCallMeOn800-555-0199

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