Tip #306: Choose your browsers wisely

Today’s slice of CRM wisdom is brought to you by Feridun “Best Twitter Handle for CRM MVP” Kadir:

Not all browsers are equal

From time to time something in Microsoft Dynamics CRM stops working that I knew for certain used to work. Of old, my first reaction would be to blame the issue on a CRM bug. But I’m getting wise to the fact that browsers also have bugs feature changes and the problem might not be a CRM issue.

So I have multiple browsers installed on my computers and if something doesn’t work in my usual browser I make sure to test it a different browser before starting a rant in a forum.

Tipp Jarr’s Double Dipp

Nice one, Feridun! We did report on some extra features and inconsistencies between the browsers. Firefox lately has become my defacto developer’s tool but have you ever tried to remove attachment in CRM note? Useless!

So, unless you’re under an evil corporate eye and forced to use IE 6, listen to Feridun and install all three. Feeling adventurous? Throw in Safari, just for fun.

One thought on “Tip #306: Choose your browsers wisely

  1. AdamV says:

    Because of the problem of trying to work with customers using various versions of CRM, I also have several browsers installed, and with all of them I turn off automatic updates – they only change versions if I say so. Particularly important for Chrome which does not make older versions available for download like Firefox, and not as easy to roll back as IE (by uninstalling the relevant Windows update).

    Just to be picky: Safari is only supported with CRM on Apple OS / iPad, so Safari on Windows is definitely unsupported (although it might work just as well/badly as lots of other browsers seem to lately, so worth a shot, but you will probably find it just redirects to the “mobile” experience).

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