Tip #302: Optimize CRM by updating statistics and reorganizing indexes

Another SQL nugget from Gayan “Mr Performance” Perera:

If you’re running CRM (any variant) on-premise you can optimize the speed of the system by setting up two management jobs inside SQL. First, update statistics of the organization_MSCRM database every day (outside business hours). Second is to reorganize the indexes of the organization_MSCRM database every 2-4 days.

Unlike #foxnewsfacts, Tipp Jarr would not take this unchecked:

T-SQL for both, please?

GP: Umm, no t-sql for it, it can be done via Maintenance Plan > Drag and drop the Update Statistics task/Reorganize Indexes task from the toolbox

Tipp Jarr: I thought that there is statistic update job already in CRM?

GP: As far as I know the scheduled jobs only does a reindex. Reindex does update statistics as well but it’s a sledge hammer on a nail. Better to update statistics and then reorganize. It’s also faster so doesn’t block.

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