Tip #292: Licenses minimus

According to the screenshot, CRM Online Enterprise PurchaseFeridun “The Fifth Beatle” Kadir was literally one minute from his new CRM Online account. He hesitated though, quite unsure about the small print on the deal:

The minimum number of professional licenses for a new subscription to CRM online is 5.

But the screenshot suggests a company can sign up for a new subscription with just one enterprise license and nothing else.

Is this true?

Imad “RTD Advocate” Yanni donated some of his time to clarify:

Customers purchase CRM Online Professional and/or CRM Online Enterprise licenses as different subscriptions. If they purchase Professional then there is a minimum limit of 5, if they purchase Enterprise, there isn’t. If you tried buying one or both of them, you’ll see that the product user interface enforces the limit when required; for example if you purchase Professional, the quantity starts with 5, if you reduce below 5 it shows an error and you cannot proceed with the purchase. If you purchase Enterprise the quantity starts with 1.

The minimum is per subscription type so whenever you purchase Professional you need to start with 5 even if you had an Enterprise subscription with 10 licenses.

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