Tip #288: Remove event handlers Texas style

Today’s developer productivity tip comes from Mitch “Texas Baby Oil” Milam.

The fastest way to remove all of the Event Handlers from a form is to remove the JavaScript Library or Libraries associated with the form.

Removing the library will also remove any event handlers (OnLoad, OnSave, OnChange, etc.) that have been associated with that library. This is very helpful when migrating JavaScript or performing a Form Merge operation.

2 thoughts on “Tip #288: Remove event handlers Texas style

  1. John says:

    I am having a problem that would probably be fixed by removing event handlers from the form but i am not sure. Ok here is my problem, when i am adding a contact to an existing account, CRM automatically auto fills the phone number field with the phone number in the account details. Is there a way to stop it from auto filling since most of the time the contact phone number is not necessarily the same with the account details. I am using CRM 2015 online.

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