8 thoughts on “Tip #273: Maximum number of fields

  1. Zoran says:


    This is not 100% true. The CRM has the limit of 1000 SIMPLE attributes limit per entity. But if you create complex attributes type Lookup or Currency or Option Set the number is much smaller because Lookup = 3 strings, Currency = 3 strings, Option set = 2 strings etc..


    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      Good point Zoran. But there is a firm 1000 field limit for the organization import in 2011. I think you should stay well away from that limit anyway

  2. Abhishek Dhoriya says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Just want to highlight one point here, 1000 limit is for the FilteredView of that Entity in Database.

    Below are the our Environment specifications:
    Dynamics 365 CE V9.0 – On Premise Deployment

    As I currently came across that situation. We have 567 Fields in Incident Entity, In Database also for IncidentBase we have 567 Columns but still we are not able to create any more new field in Incident Entity saying Maximum number of Field for this entity is reached.

    Then we checked the FilteredIncident View , there we noticed that right now the column count is exactly 1000. Hence it is not allowing to create any more new field in Incident entity.

    We have 67 Lookup Fields and more that 120 OptionSet fields and remaining all are other types of Fields in current Implementation.

    Just thought to share this Update in order to provide more clarity. But however would like to have any thought if we can increase this limit somewhere. Where this Limit is Specified and Where to make changes if at all allowed/possible.

    Is it in MSCMRM_Config DB or any config in IIS ???

    Any pointers would be helpful.

  3. Jerry says:

    Hey Joel,

    Please update this tip to specify that it applies to on premise only and the online limit is still 1,000

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