Tip #265: Administrator updates of read-only fields

If you have fields on your CRM form that are read only, it can make administration difficult. For example, if you have read only fields, you cannot bulk update the fields, and you can’t edit the field from the workflow designer.

Sure you can customize the form, make the fields editable, and then bulk update the fields, then customize and re-hide, then republish, but who wants to do that?

If you want to make fields read-only but still be able to change these fields for administrative purposes:

  • Save a copy of your form and make all read only fields editable.
  • Set security so only System Administrators have access to the form.,
  • Make the form last in form order.
  • Publish

Now users will see the field as read-only on the form, but System Administrators will be able to bulk edit the fields or update them in the workflow manager.

Bulk edit and workflow editor will use the last form used so to “engage” the form, switch to it using any record prior to performing bulk editing or workflow design.

Thanks to Guy “Drop Bear” Riddle for this tip!

3 thoughts on “Tip #265: Administrator updates of read-only fields

  1. Mahmood says:

    I created a copy of main form on a custom entity, from clickdimensiions installed package, and changed the field to editable. Then Assigned the form to only System administrator and then made it last in the form order.
    Lastly I published my customization but when I open workflow designer the field that I made editable, is still read-only.


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