Tip #251: But I am a user!

The other day I was using CRM in a non production environment of CRM Online, and when I saved an account, I received a message from CRM telling me I did not have a CRM Online license. This was strange, because I was logged in successfully, and I didn’t have any issues doing anything else.

After checking behind the door for Rod Serling, I examined the environment. It was a sandbox organization that I recently had refreshed with a copy of my production organization. It turned out that due to the organization security settings, not all users in prod were enabled in the sandbox.

The issue was that there was a real-time workflow owned by a user in prod that was not enabled in the sandbox. When I tried to save the record, it was telling me that user was not enabled in the organization–it just felt like it was talking about me, because it happened when I saved the record.

After enabling the user (or reassigning the workflow) the problem went away.

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