Tip #250: Where do you see Advanced Find View

One of the system views for every entity in any CRM organization is so called Advanced Find View. It’s rarely customized, probably because there is no clear understanding when and how this view is used. System entities might have some columns added to this view while all custom entities receive Name and Created On ubiquitous combination.

The definition of this view is very concise and tell us exactly what it’s used for and how to make it useful.

The default view used to display results when using Advanced Find. This view also defines the columns used by default when new custom public views or personal views are created without defining a view to use as a template.

In a nutshell, every time your users click Create Personal View, they receive the default set of columns from Advanced Find View. To make this view useful, include all common attributes for that particular entity so that end-users do not have to. For example, if you have an entity Project for managing customer projects, it’d be a good idea to include start date, end date and project status but get rid of Created On column.

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