Tip #244: Getting ready for the December release (CRM 2015)

Dear CRMtipoftheday,

What do I need to do to prepare for the December upgrade?

Besides this blog, there are many good resources to help you prepare for the 2015 upgrade.

Watch the first five videos on the dynamics CRM YouTube channel. They are hosted by members of the product team and include great information about the December release. If you Use CRM online I would still watch the upgrading video. While you will not have to mess with any of the server stuff, It includes some really important information about supported browsers and enabling new functionality. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRvH_Jgj96NlxvDPfoNw28caAHn0zU6dJ

Visit the “Getting ready for the next release” page. It includes many links about the new functionality, the release preview guide, and for online customers include information about how to schedule your update.


Bookmark these links and check them regularly. The CRM team is working hard to proactively provide information about the release.

This release is not going to have as dramatic an impact on user experience as the fall 2013 released did. But there are some great new features that you are going to want to enable.

Some recommendations:

  • if you did not enable the new functionality with the spring release, do it before your upgrade to the fall release. If you don’t do this, these features will be enabled when you are updated, and I think it’s better to get that out-of-the-way first so you have more time to plan.
  • if your system entities are still using the information forms, you need to start transitioning to the new forms. The 2015 update will still allow you to use them but the next release is going to get rid of them. Microsoft has given us notice that these are going away.

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