Tip #22: Install Dynamics CRM with precreated database

In some enterprises, database administrators wish to have greater control over the database creation process for CRM installations. This can be for security reasons, naming databases a certain structure, or controlling how the database files are structured. The CRM implementation guide does not include a pre-created database option, but it is possible to do in a supported way.

  1. In a development or non-production environment, create a new CRM organization.  It does not matter what you name it.
  2. Back up the organization (*_MSCRM) database
  3. Restore to your production SQL server with the desired name (be sure it ends in “_MSCRM”)
  4. Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. When you reach the screen that asks what roles to install, instead of installing full server, uncheck one of the roles (like a minor one, like help server). If you don’t install all the roles, the organization will not be created during the installation. You can come back and install this role when you are finished.
  5. When the installation is complete, launch the deployment manager and import the organization from the backup you restored in step 3.

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