Tip #199: Form customizing ninja

True ninja knows Himitsu iri or the art of “Silent movement”. Ability to move quickly and without screeching mouse noise is crucial when it comes to quickly whipping a prototype or putting out fire in production. Minimizing mouse movements is important skill that keeps your boss, your customers and your wrist happy. These are just some of the shortcut techniques that true customizer needs to know when facing a very visual but often daunting form customization dialog.

Alt-Space Brings up Properties dialog of the selected tab, section or field in focus
Ctrl-[ Switches focus to the ribbon’s tabs
Ctrl-] Switches focus to the ribbon
Ctrl-Space Scroll down
Shift-Space Scroll up
Del Removes element in focus (doh!)
Ctrl-Z Undo (phew! keep pressing)
Ctrl-Y Redo (doh!)
Ctrl-S Save

Though the following is actually a mouse shortcut, it deserves the mentioning because you perform it with your fingers not the wrist

Double‑click Changes editor focus to the area of double-click. For example, if you are editing form’s body, simply doube-click on the header to start adding/removing fields in the header. Works for body, header, footer and navigation area.

Have your own favorite shortuct for form customization? Send it to jar@crmtipoftheday.com!

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