Tip #161: ADFS vs Citrix for external access

When deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premises, ADFS is the recommended approach for providing external access to the application. However, alternative methods, like Citrix and application virtualization can also be used. These alternative methods can do a good job of providing access to the core CRM web application, but do not provide full support for all CRM interfaces. It really depends on how users need to access the application.

ADFS Citrix
PC web browser Yes Yes
Outlook client Yes Yes (in Outlook virtualized on Citrix host, not natively installed Outlook)
Tablet browser Yes Citrix can be used to access the CRM PC browser experience on a tablet. This is not the tablet optimized browser experience you get when the CRM URL can be accessed directly from the tablet.
Tablet app Yes No
Phone app Yes No


2 thoughts on “Tip #161: ADFS vs Citrix for external access

  1. Andre Margono says:

    This also applies to VPN connection.

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