Tip #1426: Power Automate Gymnastics Reference Guide

Power Platform Tip of The Day presents: Power Automate expressions you didn’t know you needed until you found them. Everyone keeps a stash of useful Power Automate expressions in Notepad++, VS Code, EMacs, vi, or sticky notes if you don’t know what any of the above mean.

Good citizens and developers (Amey “ABC” Holden, Antti Pajunen, Matt Collins-Jones) got around the campfire and put together

Power Automate Gymnastics Reference Guide
(Yes, I am a link to that page, please click me)

The expressions are ready for you to copy and paste without coding.

It doesn’t count as code if you copy and paste

Amey “ABC” Holden

Have a favorite expression of your own? Drop it in the comments or send it straight to jar@crmtipoftheday.com.

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