Tip #1425: Dataverse CSV import using alternate keys

Today’s tip is from Alex McLachlan (@alex_mcla), saving the day (no kidding – I used it the very next day after receiving the tip). You can be a hero too by emailing your tip to jar@crmtipoftheday.com!

With the classic import experience, you couldn’t use a CSV import containing an Alternative Key column to update existing records. See (2) Update existing records on import (using alternate keys – account number)??? – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forum Community Forum

Now with Import from Excel > Import from CSV gives:

Screenshot of the standard Import from CSV settings dialog. New setting allowing selection of the alternate key is highlighted.

Selecting the Alternative Key then allows update of existing records in the CSV file. The Alternative Key needs to be included in the Data Mapping.

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If you’d like to consume a video, Power CAT team has one just for you:  Easier Imports With Dataverse Alternate Keys – Power CAT Live – YouTube.

Cover image by hudsoncrafted | Pixabay