Tip #1422: Leave old stuff behind

Let me start 2022 slowly, with a tip how to avoid annual cleanup. It all started with this email:

Screenshot of the email that reads:

Hope you are well and are going to get a break over Christmas!
I got a notification of you making changes in your Dropbox – feel free to remove me if you like (see attached)
IT Engineering Team

Darn, I completely forgot about those folders and big thumbs up to Richard for reminding me. Richard is one in a million though, most would simply ignore the shared folders. Until such time when you drop some sensitive files in there.

How to avoid this unnecessary stress and reliance on Richards of this world to do the right thing? Simples:

Always set the expiration date when sharing folders or files

Thee Nabler

I don’t care what it is. Could be tomorrow, could be 5 years from now. But do set it and spare yourself potential embarrassment at best and the jail time at worst (I’ve seen it in a movie, totally plausible scenario). Almost like in the song:

Go ahead and share but trust no one. (So much for faith in humanity in 2022)

Cover image by Gerd Altmann

2 thoughts on “Tip #1422: Leave old stuff behind

  1. Donal McCarthy says:

    Be nice if there was a feature that would show me all my previously shared links and allow me to delete the shares

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