Tip #1408: When tomorrow comes in Power Automate

Ever wondered how to use Dataverse date filters like “Today” or “Tomorrow” when listing records in Power Automate? Yes, plonking in the entire FetchXML with <condition attribute="enabler_stamp" operator="tomorrow" /> is one way to handle that. The other is to use query function Tomorrow in the filter:


Here’s the catch: “tomorrow” is relative. If you live anywhere west of Cyprus and east of Hawaii, most of the time I can see the future and tell you what weather is going to be tomorrow. Power Automate will use the timezone of the user account used in connection to determine the timezone and relative date/time constructs (see Microsoft DataverseWeb API Query Function Reference for the full list or just use FetchXML Builder for XrmToolBox).

If you use service principal to connect, timezone for the associated app user is UTC by default but you can change it using User Settings Utility from XrmToolBox. (Oh, the irony of fielding a question from Tanguy and send him to his own tool!). Hint: set timezone to Kiribati just to mess with the users – there literally will be no today in your queries, only tomorrow. 😈

Cover photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash