Tip #1405: Unable to assign license to a guest user

B2B collaboration is great. For example, you can share a canvas app with guest users or invite users to use with Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration . One of the steps in the process is adding B2B collaboration users in the Azure portal. But when you try adding a license assignment you maybe faced with the unexpected “License assignments failed”:

Azure "Update license assignments" screen with the user attempting to assign Power BI (free) license to the guest user. Error message "License assignment failed" is displayed.

Why would assignment of a free license fail? The reason is revealed when you click “License assignments failed” link:

Screenshot with the additional error details displayed. Words "License cannot be assigned to a user without a usage location specified" are highlighted

License cannot be assigned to a user without a usage location specified

Albert Einstein, 1948

That’s right, just edit the user profile and tell Azure where the user is and you’ll be able to assign the license, free or otherwise.

Cover photo by Elijah Macleod on Unsplash