Tip #140: Working with Dynamics CRM on iPad as System Admin or Customiser

As reported by Andre “I’ve got 88 in my handle” Margono:

Recently I stumbled across a question in Dynamics CRM Forum regarding “How to see CRM Settings on a tablet browser”

Out of my curiousity, I tried something on my iPad. The steps that I used to achieve this is using Google Chrome on iPad (never bother to check it on Safari though, as I never use that):

  1. Open a new Tab, navigate to Dynamics CRM instance.
  2. On Google Chrome option (the three lines at the right hand side of url bar), select “Request Desktop Site”
  3. It will redirect to https://<crmserverinstance>/m/default.aspx change it to https://<crmserverinstance>/main.aspx
  4. Voila, the Settings button is there and works! It’s quite slow though.

System settings on iPad

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