Tip #1399: Dynamic ‘+’ email aliases in Office 365

We rarely publish tips outside of our cozy Power Platform bubble (more like a Zeppelin these days though!). But this one… THIS ONE… I’ve been dreaming about it since I’ve got my first email eons ago… It’s here now!

Support for Dynamic ‘+’ Email Aliases in Office 365 – Customer Feedback for Microsoft Office 365 (uservoice.com)

  1. Make sure you have your Exchange Online Powershell going
  2. Type the magic words
   -AllowPlusAddressInRecipients $true

From now on you can write george+one@crmtipoftheday.com on your party invitations.

3 thoughts on “Tip #1399: Dynamic ‘+’ email aliases in Office 365

  1. Pierre says:


    Thanks for your tip. I have a question about it.

    We currently have a shared mailbox with multiple aliases. We would like to set up queues in Dynamics 365 based on each of those aliases. So far, it’s not working, the aliases are not recognized when we try the test/enable mailbox option in Dynamics.

    Do you think it’s possible to achieve this goal by following this tip? If not, do you have an idea on how we could do this?

    Best regards,


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