Tip #1373: Dynamics 365 Mobile, Quick Create, and form issues

You create a model-driven app and open it in the Dynamics 365 mobile app or the Power Apps app (now supports model-driven). But when you click new record, you get a form but you cannot enter in data correctly — maybe there are some missing fields or something else is wrong.

Dynamics 365 mobile uses Quick Create to create records. If you don’t have quick create enabled or a quick create form created for the entity, Dynamics 365 will generate one for you based on the main form.

To quote the official documentation:

Dynamics 365 mobile apps use quick create forms for creating new records. If an entity already has a quick create form configured for it, the mobile apps use that form. If an entity doesn’t have a configured quick create form, Power Apps generates a quick create form for creating records in the mobile apps based on the main form definition.


So if you don’t get the expected results, enable quick create on the entity and create a quick create form that contains the desired fields.

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