Tip #137: Find another use for fiscal settings

You may have wondered what to do with all fiscal periods when they are not used by the business. Turns out, they could come really handy for crafting some advanced views.

Just yesterday I needed to find in our CRM all past time entries excluding current month, that have not been invoiced yet (of course, we use our CRM for time keeping and billing, isn’t everyone here?). I could have entered a standard “on or before” condition but I wanted to have a fixed view without the need to re-enter the date.

Step 1. Set your fiscal period under Settings > Business Management > Fiscal Year Settings to month:

Set fiscal period to month

Step 2. Add Last X Fiscal Periods condition to your query and enter a sufficiently large number (I chose 3 years):

Filtering previous 3 years

That condition alone will return all previous entries excluding the current month (which, in fact, is our fiscal period, because we do our invoicing on a monthly basis). By adding another condition on record status I can now retrieve all time entries that need to be invoiced.

3 thoughts on “Tip #137: Find another use for fiscal settings

  1. Ryan Maclean says:

    Hi George,

    I note that you mention above you use your CRM system for Time Tracking and Billing; this is something I would like to put in place at my own workplace and wondered if you had any advice about approaches to this? How have you put it in place?



    • Hi Ryan,

      For straightforward project management and time keeping we use AbleBridge Project Management Solution. Once entries are in for a month, we create invoices in CRM (slightly customized but mostly standard invoice entity). Considering that CRM is not an accounting system, we created a simple integration between CRM and Saasu where we do all our accounting magic. From that point it’s out of CRM and into mighty and angry accounts receivables. We do pull invoice status back into CRM so that we know who’s benind, especially when they call for support 🙂


      • Ryan Maclean says:

        Hi George,

        Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have a look into AbleBridge and see if I can convince Senior Management to make some investment…


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