Tip #1325: Identify restricted entities

How can I get a list of entities that are not restricted in CDS for people who do not have Dynamics licenses?

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There is no up to date published list that I am aware of, but here is an easy way to identify the CDS entities that are not restricted:

  1. Set up a Power Apps trial (go to https://powerapps.microsoft.com/ and click “try it free”
  2. Open the CDS user security role
  3. Look at the entities

Any entities in a non-Dynamics 365 environment security role are non restricted entities for CDS users without Dynamics 365 licenses.

3 thoughts on “Tip #1325: Identify restricted entities

  1. Niels says:

    And then there are grey areas such as the Opportunity entity. It’s not included in a non-Dynamics 365 environment but also not included on the out-of-date Restricted Entities List (yet).

    I think it’s a good tip using the Common Data Service User security role, as a rule of which entities that will stay non-restricted. However, I would prefer that Microsoft gave a bit more clarity on this (the list of restricted entities has been out-of-date for more than 4 months). Especially considering the changes that are coming to the Team Member license starting from April 2020.

  2. Tomas Prokop says:

    This is not a list of restricted entities. These are entities provisioned with vanilla CDS. Sales entities are not there because it’s not easy to separate the data model from legacy Sales solutions.

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      fair point, but other than lead and opportunity this method works well to identify entities that are unrestricted.

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