Tip #132: Consider how users will be accessing CRM

Now that we live In a multi-browser, multi-device world, it is very important to consider how your users will be accessing CRM when you configure forms. Dynamics CRM 2013 includes a fantastic responsive design that rearranges the tabs and sections to fit the screen size on which it is being viewed.

This means that, if you don’t test all the ways that your users will be accessing the system, their user experience may be different than you intend it to be.

For example, when viewed in landscape orientation on an iPad in Safari, only two columns from the standard three column layout will be displayed at a time. The column on the far right drops below the left column.

If you have records that don’t have many activities or notes associated with them, this creates a large white gap and can make users miss the right column.

That’s why if users will be accessing CRM in Safari on iPad, I will move the activity/notes pane to the third column. That way users see all the summary information, then the activities and notes.

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