Tip #1316: Do form embedded charts work in unified interface?

I heard that you can’t put charts on form in Dynamics 365 unified interface. Is that correct?

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We’ve received this question from several readers, so I decided to check it out.

I did this in Dynamics 365 Online v 9.1. I don’t know if this works in on premise 9.0.

  1. Add a subgrid to your form
  2. View subgrid properties
  3. In the chart options area, check the box for show chart only


This tip has been Chart Guy Verified™. It doesn’t show the chart if you don’t check the show chart only box. sorry no chart/view combo subgrids.

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2 thoughts on “Tip #1316: Do form embedded charts work in unified interface?

  1. La Ad says:

    Think there was also a limitation on the Chart Types that would display on a Form in Unified Interface (think the new ones like tags didn’t work on the form but did on a dashboard) – not sure if this is still the case

  2. Beyro says:

    I can confirm that this does not work in on-premise v9 🙁

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